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    wiggy Guest

    Default theme parks

    howdy folks
    can anyone tell me if there are any great theme parks on the route beetween vegas and san francisco which are worth visiting.
    they have to have death defying rides so that i can impress the wife with my bravery!!!
    cheers you helpful people

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    Default 6 Flags Magic Mountain

    6 Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia CA (just a tad north of LA off of I-5). Fantastic screamin' rides! Check it out.

    Paramount's Great American in between San Jose and Santa Clara, just a couple hours SE of San Francisco. Some great thrills here, too.

    Of course, Knott's Berry Farm, Universal Studios-CA, and Disneyland all have a few thrill rides as well. Well, Disney's are relatively tame but there are some screamers at both the other parks.

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    Default Milepost Zero

    If you're looking for thrill rides, I'd suggest just spending a little more time in Vegas. There are plenty of thrill rides on the strip. The Stratosphere has several rides at the top of the tower (including a roller coaster and a ride that shoots you off the edge of the building), Sahara and New York New York both have pretty good roller coasters, and that's just to name a few of the rides on the strip.

    If you're still looking for a complete theme park, there really isn't one right on the way, but I'd recommend Magic Mountain. Since its on the far north end of the Los Angeles area, it would only add about 2 hours to your travel time and with about a dozen roller coasters and a waterpark next door I'm sure you could find more than one that would impress the wife.

    The other LA area parks are much farther south and would add significantly more time to the trip. I don't know much about the Paramont park near San Jose, but that would probably be a good option as well.

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    wiggy Guest


    cheers for that info, i have been on the big shot on the stratosphere last time i came to the us and i made a mess in my pants so i might give that one a miss. i am travelling from san fran to la also so ill try one of those suggested.
    best wishes

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    SunurbanExcursion Guest


    does anyone know what is the biggest theme park in the southwest or any where in CA for that matter

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    Default Biggest?

    I suppose it depends upon how you define biggest. I think Magic Mountain has the most roller coasters, but Disneyland is probably bigger in terms of total rides.

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