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    My boyfriend and I are driving round trip from either NY or DC (depending on whose parents want to watch our dogs for a week) to Ok in early May. No routes set yet. Any ideas on parks or cool places to see? We are more the outdoorsy type than the artsy type, but are open to anything. We have been to shenandoah (sp) already. We would live to take 4-5 days driving there then two back. Any ideas on where to camp or overnight? I want this to be an awsome trip.

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    Just a couple of places come to mind, not knowing your route or final destination in OK. Douthat State Park in western VA has both camping and nice reasonably priced cabins. We spent a week there a few years back. and it was very beautiful. Also this summer we stayed over-night at the Morning Glory Manor B&B in Danville Kentucky and it was great. It's a cute 2 room cottage, with combo kitchen/living room, bedroom and nice bath. Offers a huge self-serve breakfast in the cottage... not a sit-down hot breakfast like some b&bs, but more than our family of 4 could eat, plus we were encouraged to take anything we wanted with us for the road! The owner, Lin Bauer, was a very pleasant and interesting person.

    good luck!

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    Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky is well worth the visit. Take a couple tours.

    Hot Springs National Park is in Arkansas. It is different, more "the town" itself and its historical spa buildings. Interesting place though. You can see the hot springs themselves just in a couple small areas.

    If coming across Kentucky, Kentucky Horse Park at Lexington is a nice place to visit. The admission to just walk the grounds isn't costly.

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