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    Default Dallas to Fairbanks, HELP!!!

    Ok, i took a teaching job in alaska...i need to drive my truck adn trailer to fairbanks...but, my ford f150 is 6 cyl...and i have to pull my trailer with a 4 wheeler and my personal effects...will sell my truck in fairbanks....soooo, what is the easiest, lest mountainest route there...

    scott starr

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    In the lower 48, you should be able to find a route that doesn't include much in the way of mountain passes. However, once you get into Canada and Alaska, you won't have many options. You might want to pick up a copy of "The Milepost" which is the definitive annual on traveling to/from Alaska to get an idea of elevation gains along the route there. I would make sure your vehicle is fit for that before I'd do anything else or worry about routes in the lower 48.

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