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    Default Road trip North US from Dallas, TX


    I am looking for some road trip ideas for Xmas and New Year period. I am a french guy living in Dallas, I want to go in the North to see snow and forests, feel the Winter!

    Thanks for your suggestions.

    Joyeux Noel,


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    Julien, I think Colorado and Northern New Mexico would suit your purpose. Check out Santa Fe and Taos areas, and then the ski resorts and towns of southwestern Colorado (Durango, Telluride). You'll find winter there for sure, and it's not that far from Dallas. Bob

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    Bonjour Julien,

    I do not know how long you have for this roadtrip, but if you want "to really live the winter", you should come to Quebec! There is much snow here, and as many winter sports as you can think of: Alpine skiing, cross country skiing, snowshoe, ice skating, hiking excursiona in the mountains under the stars, sliding, skidoo, sledge with dogs, etc. Moreover, that would enable you to discover new people and this semi-American, semi-European culture. You can also come to discover the town of Quebec and its attractions: architecture, music, hotel of ice, bistros, history, museums, guided tours, etc.

    The area of New England is also very favourable for winter sports; many mountains and splendid landscapes. But obviously, if you intend to come towards north, you must have several days allocated for the road. If not, there are very beautiful corners in New Mexico and in the north of Arizona as Mark said it. The landscape is rather desert in general, but the more one gains in altitude, the more the vegetation becomes similar to our Canadian forests (coniferous snow-covered).

    Obviously, Colorado is also a destination par excellence to try out the winter since this state abounds in high mountains, parks, canyons and places to be visited in altitude. Good luck and Merry Christmas with you too!

    Ps-you can e-mail me if you want more details I could answer you in French

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