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    Hi everyone!
    I am trying to plan a road trip that we are taking this August with our dog. I have been trying to plan it so that I have a map with info on gas stations, rest areas, food, etc. We are driving from Phoenix, AZ - stopping in San Francisco for the night - and ending up at either Gold Beach, OR...or Grants Pass, Oregon. I feel that a better planned trip may save us money and time. I have been searching all over the web, and have not found how to do this. Is there any hope that I can achieve this detailed planning...or, what?
    I look forward to hearing what everyone has to say! And, please...if this is somewhere else on this website...please be gentle!!
    Best Wishes,

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    Anyway, you can find all of this information with a web search, a search of this site, and a visit to your local bookstore or library. There is a book called "The Next Exit" which lists all of the services off of all the Interstate highways. In addition, most atlases will show rest areas - general atlases show those on Interstates, and detailed state-centric atlases usually show parks and such. You can also use one of the many software products (search this site for reviews!) available - they provide proximity searches where you can search for gas stations, businesses, etc. within a range from a certain area. [Reviews of some of the free online services here]

    FWIW, better planned roadtrips may or may not save you money, but it does help take out a lot of the worry. Have fun!
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    If you really want to get into some detailed planning download the trial version of Microsoft Streets and Trips, just google search for it.
    Its very useful and has every imaginable gas station, rest stop, food, and tourist attraction you would ever hope to find.
    Good Luck

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    desertsamson Guest

    Default Thanks so much!

    I appreciate your advise, and will check it out!
    I DID find Microsoft Tips & Trips, and I am still trying to work it out. I haven't found (yet) where this program supplies gas station info., etc.
    I will also check out that book mentioned in one post.
    I was beginning to wish I had a GPS in the truck!!
    Now if I can only catch more fish on the Rogue River than my boyfriend!!
    Take care all,
    (Oops...not sure if I was supposed to sign my real name...for all of you that are you know! Thankfully I saw the "EDIT" button before I logged off, just in case.....*wink*)

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    Default Web-based Planning tools

    A huge gap exists between what most of us would like to have in an online planning tool and what the current technology can provide. For instance, it would be real cool to enter a starting location and get all of the cool places to explore within a specified distance from "home."

    We try and stay current with the best offerings out there and in our opinion the one produced by TripKing is the easiest one to use. More information about TripKing is available here. Another free one is Interstate Data's TravMatix -- right now, it is included in the "fee" list, but they have recently made it "free" to use.

    There are some really good resources for finding places to stay with a dog. Here are some ideas

    I use my real name on this board...

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