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    Happy New Year!

    I saw a news article yesterday that underscores some advice that is frequently dispensed on this Forum. Cross country drives in the winter are largely an exercise in weather avoidance, because nobody wants to get stuck in a blizzard while traveling, or, worse yet, one of those multi-car pileups involving jack-knifed 18 wheelers. It's a common misconception that taking the southern route will give you the best odds on clear sailing. Interstate 10 practically hugs the Mexican border and the Gulf Coast, and it doesn't cross any big mountain passes, so most people assume that the aforementioned blizzards and pileups won't happen that far south. And the usual response given here by our moderators is something to the effect of: "Don't be too sure about that!" Check this out:

    Drivers stuck in Van Horn


    Several jack-knifed semi trucks on I-10 near Van Horn due to snow

    Enjoy the holiday, and be safe out there!


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    My parents were stuck in Van Horn once, with their travel trailer. But for them, it wasn't avoiding the northern travel -- I believe they were enroute between Casa Grande, AZ and Houston, TX. So they were taking the most logical route -- I-10. They had the fortitude to get off the highway when the snow began to fall, and take a spot in an RV park there in Van Horn. They stayed an extra day, not by choice, but because they waited for the snow to be cleared. My dad always declared that the word "snow" was a 4-letter word, that's why we moved to Southern Arizona when I was a kid!


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