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    I've just quit my job in New York, and I'm driving out to LA in a couple of weeks to start fresh. I've never done a road trip like this before and would love a little advice. I'm thinking I'd like to stick to the South so I can avoid the cold weather. So any suggestions of things to see or good places to stay would be greatly appreciated. I'm planning on sticking to motels.
    I'm also a little concerned with theft. I'll be driving this whole way on my own with almost everything I own in a brand new car. What are peoples general feelings about theft? If I pull over for the night at a motel due I need to empty my car? Is my stuff any more safe in a motel? What about just pulling over at rest stops? I think I'll probably get a Club (for locking the car, not hitting people on the head). Is that silly? Is there any point in getting a blanket and covering everything up? What do you think? Am I just a paranoid New Yorker?

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    Default Are New Yorkers paranoid?

    Are New Yorkers paranoid?

    OK. Just kidding...

    Is it cold weather you are concerned with or snow? If it is snow, you would be better to take the northern route -- it is often too dang cold to snow in January.

    Generally, if you stay in reasonable motels -- theft is not much of an issue. After several thousand miles and countless motel rooms, we have never had a problem. A blanket that looks casually left can be useful. But for valuable equipment like laptops or radios -- it is better to bring it inside. It is preferable to park in 2nd floor motels with view of the parking lots if you are concerned about theft -- but again, we have stayed in some dicey places with no problems.

    Over-night sleeping in most states is a)illegal and b) always unwise. Much better to use car parking areas in truck stops.

    I have never used a club -- probably never will. Paranoid behavior attracts... in my view.


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