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    Default CT/NY to LA southern Route

    Hey everyone,

    I'm new to the site and trying to plan my first road trip. My roommate and I are moving out to LA from the NY area just after new years. Shipping most of our stuff, we won't be driving out in a Uhaul or anything so no restrictions there. We've looked at other forum posts pertaining to NY to LA trips which are helpful but we were concerned with the how the weather might be, taking a more traditional route through the middle of the country. The weather being as crazy as it is these days, we've decided that perhaps the best course of action should to be to travel south and then move west from there.

    So really what I'm looking to know is if anyone has had experience with, or heard of, a good southern route for this task? Also, I should mention that to save on some money, I would like to make some of my stops at friends homes along the way for a place to sleep and some home cooking. I have good friends in Atlanta, Houston, Phoenix, and Las Vegas. These are not stops I have to make or anything, just throwing them out there in case people might think that can help with a route.

    I am giving ourselves around 8 or 9 days to get out there, which It would seem is enough time to make it out safely and see some stuff. I was planning on heading down to Houston and then to LA, cause I wanted to see some folks down there. (Not straight to Houston, I can stop along the way, but you know...that direction)

    So if anyone has any ideas on a good way to get down there based on some of this stuff, any feedback would be much appreciated. Or you know, if you see where this poster is going and want to throw out some spots along the way you thought were cool, we're open to any and all feedback.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Default Direct is usually best

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    As you may have read on other posts on the forum, there simply is no cross country route which is always perfect in the winter. Going south doesn't really improve your odds of hitting good weather because both I-40 and I-10 are prone to some wicked ice storms. Going a longer route often increases your likelyhood of hitting bad weather because it means you will be on the road for a longer period of time.

    However, since you have 8 or 9 days for this trip, weather really doesn't have to be a big concern. You have enough time to wait out a storm if you do run into bad weather, so I would simply take the route that is most appealing to you. Based on the location of your friends, working down to Atlanta, over to Houston, and then using I-10 to LA via Phoenix, would be a perfectly fine way to make this trip.

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    thanks for the feedback

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