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    Default Camping Theme Parks in Canada

    Public campgrounds near theme parks are not easy to come by, not even in Canada. Most of Canada's theme parks are either seasonal, or indoors. Keep that in mind when planning a trip in that latitude that involves an RV. Also keep in mind that very few of the campsites are closer than 25 miles from the park. However, the parks don't seem to charge for parking as often as US parks. A few, like Calgary's park, have their own campground/RV parks. So do the Math to see if it's less expensive to stay at a municipal, provincial or national park and drive in to the theme park.

    Moving East to West -- Here is a list of Camping Near Canadian Theme Resorts in the following cities:

    Toronto, Ontario & Montreal, Quebec

    Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta and Vancouver, British Columbia


    VANCOUVER, BC (Playland)
    Note: Playland is an outdoor park, only open May to September. The provincial parks are also open during those months.

    Golden Ears Provincial Park
    Note: Three large campgrounds. These are 35 miles (57 km) from Playland.

    Alice Lake Provincial Park Campground, Squamish
    Note: For your own safety, please heed the warnings about bears. Also note this is an hour out of Vancouver – 80 km (50 mi).

    CALGARY, AB (Calaway Park – outdoor)
    Note: Calaway Park is open summer months only. They do not charge for parking a vehicle, but will not allow you to park overnight except in their campground.

    Gooseberry Provincial Recreation Area Campground, Bragg Creek
    Note: About 22.5 mi (36 km) from Calaway Park.

    Sibbald Lake Provincial Recreation Area Campground, Bragg Creek
    Note: About 30 miles (49 km) from Calaway Park.

    EDMONTON, AB (Galaxyland)
    Note: Galaxyland is an indoor amusement theme park located inside a mall, so it's open year-round. There is not a mention of a charge for parking for any type of vehicle. The nearest public campsites are at least a 40-minute drive away, however, and not open year-round.

    Elk Island National Park, Astotin Campground, Edmonton
    Note: About 36 miles (58 km) from Galaxyland.

    Miquelon Lake Provincial Park Campground, Camrose County
    Note: Ouch. About 50 miles (81 km) from Galaxyland.

    In the next post, we'll venture further east in Canada....
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    Default And now to Eastern Canada

    TORONTO, ON (Canada's Wonderland, Centreville)
    Note: This park is a roller-coaster lovers delight, with 17 coasters (ties with Cedar Point in OH, and is just behind Six Flags Magic Mountain at 19 coasters). Since this is an outdoor park, it is open during summer months. The campgrounds nearby are open only during the summer season.

    Indian Line Campground, Toronto Conservation Area
    Note: The closest Campground to downtown Toronto, and Canada's Wonderland. About 12 miles (19 km) to CW.

    Rouge Park, Glen Rouge Campground, Toronto
    Note: New management.

    Bronte Creek Provincial Park, Oakville
    Note: About 39 miles (64 km) from Canada's Wonderland, about 24 miles to Centreville. Listed here only for its proximity to Centreville.

    MONTREAL, QC (La Ronde)

    Iles de Boucherville National Park, Montreal
    Note: About 9 miles (15 km) from the NP's campground to La Ronde. Your best bet, if you can get in! I hope Google Translate did a good job in translation, as I do not read/write/speak French.

    That's it on Canada, unless someone notes a major theme park that I've missed...

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