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    Hey.. i am planning a roadtrip starting in Wisconsin.. and hopefull ending up in Yellowstone.. its my first time going on a roadtrip that i have planned. i am quite new to all of this this.. and have designated certain spots i want to stop at.. but if anyone knows of something i have to do.. or places aroudn yellowstone to definitly see.. let me know. I am trying ot research cool places to visit

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    It's not in Wisconsin, but the Royale Gorge in CO is beutiful. It would be a stretch to get there though, depending on how far you want to go.

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    Yeah.. i was thinking of going to colorado.. since it is kinad close.. i guess i dont really have any limitations

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    Default Wisconsin to Yellowstone

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America forum.

    I don't know what your "designated certain spots" are, of course, but some of the best sights along I-90 are the kitschy stops of the Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD and Wall Drug in Wall, SD. There are also plenty of scenic and historic stops in SD. Just over the state line into Wyoming, be sure to take the detour up to Devils Tower and if you have the time, make the pilgrimage to the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument in southern Montana. Finally, don't forget that Grand Teton National Park is directly south of Yellowstone.


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    Default Wis to Yellowstone

    Another route from where you are would be across Interstate 94 and North Dakota. Along I 94 there are lots of things to see, a few that come to mind are the Enchanted Highway just East of Dickinson, ND, and the Teddy Roosevelt National Parks North and South. The South park is right on I 94 at Medora, ND which is a very interesting Park. The North park is about 60 miles North off I 94 but is equally as interesting as the South park.

    Going the I 90 route don't miss the SD Badlands near Wall, they are awesome.

    Have fun and enjoy is the main thing.

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    Default Murdo

    A fun place to stop is the Pioneer Auto Museum in Murdo, SD. Not only is there a large collection of automobiles, but the collector has also amassed many other historical and kitschy items.

    I imagine there's quite a bit more there now than there was when we stopped in back in '97.

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    I would recomend stopping to see Wyalusing State Park on the Minn-Wis border. Also Souix Falls in SD has a nice campground near the falls. In SD as well I like Wind Cave and Custer State Park. For camping there I think Blue Bell is the best, but they are all good. Have fun! There's lots to see.

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    thankyou so much.. you have all been alot of help.. i dont think i would have been able to find all of this just researching!! I can't wait to go.. even though its still awhile away...

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    Default Some Suggestions

    My suggestion is to stay off the interstates. For example, the drive into Yellowstone on the Beartooth Highway is considered by many as the most beautiful road in the country (I prefer the Going to the Sun Drive in Glacier National Park, but that's only my opinion). Another drive we enjoyed in the Yellowstone area is the Chief Joseph Highway. Although the interstates will get you from place to place in the shortest time, you will miss the best parts of a road trip by taking them. Some of our most memorable stops on our cross country trips were not planned - we stopped because we saw a sign for a Amethyst mine, were hungry as we drove by a local restaurant on a reservation in Wyoming, etc. Magazines like Country Discoveries, web sites such as Road Trip,, , and can help you plan, but you are sure to find new & wonderful places & things to do if you stick to the 2 lane roads. is a good place to look at what the federal government has to offer - there is much more than just National Parks...

    Have a great trip!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ljschnel View Post
    I would recomend stopping to see Wyalusing State Park on the Minn-Wis border. Also Souix Falls in SD has a nice campground near the falls.
    Which campground is by the Falls of the Big Sioux? Maybe my memory is just failing me, but I don't remember any campgrounds in that part of town. I will, however, recommend Palisades State Park just off I-90 near Sioux Falls for camping in the area - its also near Garretson, SD whose Devil's Gulch was supposedly jumped by Jesse James during an old west escape.

    I'll also second the recommendation for Wyalusing State Park, although it actually is on the WI-Iowa border. Nelson Dewey State Park, just a few miles south, also is one of my favorites, with bluff top camping overlooking the mississippi.

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