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    My sons and I will be driving from Atlanta to Los Angeles in July. Looking for the best, easiest drive - my sons are new drivers (15-1/2). Want to try and make it back in four days.

    Thanks in advance!


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    If you want to make this drive in four days, then you have only one choice. If you have relatively new drivers involved and want to keep things as simple possible, then you have only one choice. That choice is to get on, and stay on, the Interstate Highway System. That would be I-20 to Birmingham AL, I-22 to the Memphis area and I-269/I-55 into the city, then I-40 all the way to Barstow CA, and finally I-15 and CA-210/I-210 into the Los Angeles area. Plan on stops around Little Rock AR, McLean TX, and Holbrook AZ. The leg between McLean and Holbrook will be your longest at about 590 miles which is pushing the limit of what's safe for a single driver. But if you take turns driving and get out of the car and walk around a bit every few hours, the extra daylight on a drive westbound should make it doable.

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    Great info...thanks so much!

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    Default Quality family time.

    It's great to be travelling with your sons ! If you could spare at least one extra day it would make it much more enjoyable for everyone and give you some quality time to spend together. Four days is doable, but will be more like work. Just a thought.

    Safe travels.

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    Thank you - yes, we can likely stretch this into a five day trip home. I will try and plan it that way!


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    Something you need to be aware of - it may not be legal for your sons to drive in different states. It depends on the the licensing laws in the other states as they pertain to minimum age.

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    Thank you! I will research

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    Try to have them drive the uncongested stretches between major cities. Switch drivers at rest areas or fast food places.

    Stop at the first rest area of each state and find out if there are and stretches of construction ahead. Avoid Having them drive next to concrete barriers or on uneven road surfaces.

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    Excellent advice...thank you!

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    A brief web search turned up this site that summarizes the way various states treat out-of-state licenses and permits of young drivers. While it should not be taken as gospel, it does seem to indicate that you'll have to do most (all?) of the driving once you leave the Deep South.


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