First of all: Thank you for a great and informative site with many good answers on the forum! This site has given us a lot of inspiration and advice in the planningprocess of our roadtrip in the US.:)

We are two Norwegian friends who are planning a roadtrip in August (21 days) this summer. Flight tickets to New york (JFK) is already booked, but we haven`t decided witch place to start the roadtrip from (We are planning to buy domestic flight-tickets from JFK when we know where to start..). The only thing that we have decided, are that we hope to end up in Los Angeles/ San Francisco area at the end of the journey (Fly back to JFK from here). The first point of departure we have discussed are from Seattle, and the second point are from Atlanta.

Simplified outline of the alternative routes:

Route one: Seattle - Yellowstone - San Francisco - Death valley - Las Vegas - Grand Canyon - San Diego - Los Angeles

Route two: Atlanta - New Orleans - Texas - Grand Canyon - Las Vegas - San francisco - Los Angeles

Does anyone have any suggestions on witch of this two routes that gives us the best scenic route, variation of american places, people and culture? And is both routes possible in 21 days without "stress-driving" every day (We are planning to have about 4-6 days with "long-range" driving between distant places)?

Hope someone can help us with the planning of the journey and give us some good advices!:)

Greetings from Norway.