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    moving out to LA from Atl in late July, don't have many belongings so no van or anything, just me in my car (probably with a friend to share driving). how many days should I expect it to take, how much $$, and what's the best route? (I'd prefer to get there sooner rather than later, but if there are preferable semi-efficient routes to take aside from what would tell me, let me know!)

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    Default It is up to you

    You can do that drive in two LONG days, or you could take 100 days.

    Fastest route is I-20 to I-10 to LA. But more scenic would be I-20 to Dallas, north on I-35 to Oklahoma City and then west on I-40 to I-15 and into LA. For detour ideas, from I-40, enter I-40 into the search utility on this forum. (Route 66 follows sections of I-40 and there is plenty to explore enroute).

    Money is entirely dependent upon how long you drive, where you stay over-night and what you see enroute. You could make the drive on $100, but I would suggest $500 for more leisurely progress.

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    Default Route From Atlanta

    Mark has an excellent suggestion in taking the I-40/Route 66 corridor out west. It offers plenty of attractions and a variety of scenery.

    The most direct route to get from Atlanta to Oklahoma City is to take I-20 west to Birmingham and US 78 west to Memphis, where you pick up I-40.

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