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    How is November, the first half? I might have a friend that will come with me.

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    Default If only we could answer that.

    Do you mean weather wise ? As has been mentioned before, it's just too early to know what the weather will be doing so far in advance. It's worth remembering that everyday of the year people have to go about their daily lives and all is done to ensure roads are kept safe and open to traffic as much as possible, but there is always a risk of facing disruption so having the time to sit out a storm and wait for roads to be cleared is of most importance and more so when you are facing it on a motorbike. You could have an excellent window of good weather and with time you could have an amazing adventure, it would be handy to have a plan 'B' though.

    Wish you luck.

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    I have owned 5 bikes, and rode motorcycle only for a full year down here in Florida. Averaged about 60 miles a day. I would absolutely recommend a windshield for a few reasons. The bugs, although it may be cooler out, there will be bugs and they will jack up your gear and face shield/glasses fast. (side note, I actually had a hawk fly up from a ditch on the side of the road when I was going about 55mph at 8pm, and it exploded in a burst of feathers on my aftermarket windshield... cant image having that smash into my chest). The rain, when cruising in the rain, a windshield can deflect a good amount of rain from your mid-section keeping you dryer/warmer. The wind, it gets tiring REAL quick when your head is going all bobble head-like with gusts of wind when cruising.

    I always rode with rain gear in a water proof bag (used on boats) strapped to the back of my bike.

    Also, I have one of the fully padded jackets in the neon yellow color, and I actually have padded motorcycle jeans too. Would recommend you get some kind of bright jacket OR have some kind of flourecent/reflective vest to put over your jacket. Will definitely be worth it! Even with my bright jacket, I have had some close calls cause people couldnt see me...

    Hope that helps!

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