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  1. Default from new york to san francisco

    hi,there, i am going to solo drive from NY to SF in 9 the time enough to do it and be comfortable?what is the typical route to take?what are the MUST to see along the way?since i am going to rent a car from Hertz, how can i be a AAA member just in case i need help?i appreciate anyone can give me advice .

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    Default typical?

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    First of all, if you are renting a car, you don't need to worry about AAA for Roadside Assistance. If you had a problem enroute, you'd simply call Hertz to get help. One of the big benefits of renting a car is that they are responsible for any car problems you could potentially have, plus, since you'll be driving a nearly new car, the odds of having a problem are pretty low.

    9 Days is more than enough time to make this trip, you could comfortably do it in as little as 5 days. That means you'll have lots of time to explore. That also means there really isn't a "typical" trip, since roadtrips are individual things and you have lots of potential ways of making this trip your own. I-80 would be the most direct route, but you could focus more on I-90 through Yellowstone before working back south, or you could take I-70 through the heart of the country and the Colorado rockies, you could even follow I-40 and go by the Grand Canyon and elements of Route 66. If you've got some things you know you'd like to see, I'd build your trip around them.

  3. Default south route or north route

    thanks for replying me.i would like to visit chicago(fan of michael jordon,wanna to go to see the chicago bull stadium),yellow stone park and the grand canyon and st.louis(gateway to the west),i am not sure this is a zig zag route, besides these ,do you have anything else to recommend?since i dont know much about U.S.,most of the places i know are from travel book.what i want to see is the real America instead something pure for the tourists.

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    Default real

    I think all of the US is "real america" including more touristy places. Finding things that are "real" depends much more upon your approach to traveling than where you go.

    Doing a zig zag like you've described would start to eat up a lot of your extra time, and I'm not sure you'd be able to cover the ground in 9 days, unless you spend very little time in the place you've listed.

    Here is an A to Z list of things to see and do in each state.

  5. Default I-80

    thanks,midwest, i guess i have to skip the st.louis part and stick to the I-80, i think i dont wanna to drive too much and see too little.
    can you help me designing a plan around I-80?

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    Default self serve

    I didn't say you have to stick to I-80, you can hit some of the things you talked about, I just don't think you can hit all of them because it is too much of a zig zag to fit into 9 days.

    I think you are at the point where you need to try and develop at least an outline of your plan. Figure out what the major things you most want to stop at and build a route. Getting a good map to help you get a good visual sense of where everything is will likely be a big help.

    Sketch out your plan, and then share it with us. From there we can offer suggestions about what would be possible, and other potential ideas for things that would be along your way.

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    Default One possible scenic route

    There is one possible route that will expose you to much of Americana that you will cross.

    Take the "Lincoln Highway" from New York to S.F. it goes all the way and is older that "Route 66". You will have to do a bit of research to find the exact route and it will keep you off the interstate much of the way. If you do not stop too much (but will want to visit many places along the way), making the trip in 9 days should be easily doable.

    If I can be of more assistance please just post it here

    The journey is almost as important as the destination
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  8. Default nine days from N.Y.C. to S.F.

    thanks midwest michael and is my plan?
    N.Y.C to Pittsburgh
    Pittsburgh to Indianapolis
    Indiannapolis to Chicago
    Chicago to Des Moines
    Des Moines to Lincoln
    Lincoln to Denver
    Denver to Salt Lake City
    Salt Lake City to Yellow Stone National Park
    Yellow Stone Park to Reno
    Reno to S.F.
    help me to refine it, i am open to any advice.

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    Default A Suggested route change.

    You stated that you were going from Denver to Salt Lake City to Yellowstone to Reno.

    Going this route you will be doing considerable back-tracking. I suggest you go from Denver to Yellowstone. Go north out of Denver on I-25 and then west on I-80. Around Rawlins take US 287 north all the way to Yellowstone. You will be going through the Great Tetons National Park also. Take the west entrance US 20 to Idaho Falls and then take I-15 to Salt Lake City. Then procede west on I-80 to Reno.

    This will save miles and time plus enable you to see more scenic territory. One thing you will have to watch is the openings of various entrances to both Tetons and Yellowstone. Some open later than others due to weather conditions.

    I envy your trip. Enjoy every minute of it.

    The journey is an important as the destination.

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    Default Look at that map again

    For most of your trip, you are moving along at a very easy pace, traveling about 350 miles per day. That's only 5-6 hours on the road, so you'll have lots of time to explore or spend time in the places you've got listed. You could also comfortably travel a fair bit farther if you wanted to spend more time in some specific areas.

    That is except for one huge red flag. You go from Yellowstone to Reno in one day, which is close to 800 miles, and twice the distance you've laid out for any of your other legs. If you look on your map, Yellowstone is basically 350 miles due north of Salt Lake City, so its by no means on a direct line to Reno (which is 500 miles to the west of SLC). That's clearly not going to work.

    You've also got one day from Des Moines to Lincoln where you're covering less than 200 miles (about a 3 hour drive). Is there any particular reason why you are traveling such a short distance this day?

    You've got plenty of room to build on what you've laid out, but I think you need to explain why you've chosen this route. You are still zig-zagging north and south throughout your trip, and while you basically have the time to do that, is there a reason you picked the cities you did as stopping points?

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