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  1. Default From New York To San Francisco - advices needed

    Hi, me and my girlfriend are planning a road trip from New York to San Francisco the next august, the whole month, and living in Italy we don't exactly know how to plan it. We've looked at a lot of italian site that talk about that, but all the budget esteem looks way lower than the real life. So i'm asking some help to evaluate it properly.

    The places we'd like to go are:

    New York (3 days)
    Niagara Falls
    Toronto (not necessary)
    Cedar Point (not necessary, but i'm a rollecoaster fan)
    Mount Rushmore
    Salt Lake City (not sure if it's interesting, but on the way)
    Monument Valley
    Antelope Canyon
    Grand Canyon
    Las Vegas
    San Diego
    Los Angeles
    San Francisco (3 days)

    We have 28 days to spend in the USA.
    Do you think the places are well planned? Any other suggestion on places to see on the way, or places in the list not worth the visit? Wich place need more time to visit and wich needs just half a day?

    The distance is 5000 miles, so it should become 6000-6500 considering deviations, local trips and so on, and the extimated budget is:
    1500$ car rent (small car, we are two)
    600$ gas
    1800$ motels
    1200$ food
    1000$ tickets, etc

    Do you think it's an appropriate budget for two persons in one month? We could camp to save some money, but we're not into free camping so i don't really know how much could we spend that way...

    Any advice would be very appreciated!!

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    Default Benvenuto!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum! I really need to get back to studying Italian...

    Most of the items seem to have sound judgement with regards to pricing. The gas cost may be a little bit low, depending on the gas mileage the car you rent achieves and what a gallon will cost this Summer.

    For saving money on camping, you'd have to get a tent and some basic gear - things like a sleeping bag, pillows, and a tarp. You can get these at any megastore (think Target or Wal*Mart). Consider tent camping costs to range from $10-30 per night in most places. Private campgrounds (as opposed to State Parks) can cost more but may not net you better facilities.

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    Default Great adventure !

    From Salt lake city, Antelope canyon would be your next stop and then Monument valley, by heading onto the 89 from I-15. This would also put you within short distances of the amazing parks of Zion and Bryce Canyon.
    From Vegas, the detour across Death valley is well worth the time if you have some to spare.

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    Thanks a lot for the tips!

    Death Valley was definitely a place in the plan, i forgot it. To be honest i didn't know Bryce and Zion, but from the pics i've seen they looks like places we can't miss. But i'm afraid with so many stop we won't have the time to see everything properly. We'll see, we don't want to plan too much, we just want to know the places to be seen, then decide everything on the road.

    About the tent, i' not sure what State Parks campsites are. Are they like free camp in the parks paying a fee, or ordinary campsites with tents areas? Cause here in Italy (and Europe as well) we only have private campgrounds or free camping, but we're not into free camping for security reasons (a bit obseessed about that unfortunately)

    Also, where can we check for a decent car rent price? I tried some site like Avis and Alamo, but quotations are very high, and no one rates the extra fee for extra drivers or different pickup location, wich i'm sure is pretty relevant

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    Default Campsites

    The National and state park campgrounds are designated areas where you pay to camp.
    They are usually in nice settings and will have a shower/toilet block but no hookups, swimming pools and other "resort style" extras. There will be lots of other like minded campers around you but in a lot of the parks you would need to book in advance as they fill up quickly.

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    i have one more question.
    i'm really not able to properly extimate the car rent costs.
    almost every rent website doesn't list the cost for the different pick up locations, and/or the cost for the second driver.
    can anybody help me extimating the car rent cost?
    also, is there a site that list all the rent companies?

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    Default Research.


    I am sure people can give you names and estimates but the best way to get what's best for you is to search the Internet for quotes and when you have narrowed it down to some that appear to be good value and offer what you want, contact them direct to ask about any extra charges such as one way drop off fees and extra mileage. Some company's offer good deals but can change at anytime, so the cheapest company last week isn't always the cheapest this week, if you know what I mean.

    Good luck.

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