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    Looking for advice on a trip planned for April to Fort Myers. We have young children and have made the 20 hour road trip 3 times already. Kids are a bit older and want to incorporate more learning experiences on the way down. Another change for this trip is that we want to take our time on the way back home and stop in Savannah, Georgia, Hilton Head, South Carolina and Knoxville, Tennessee. We are looking for tips on what not to miss, best route and if these three sites are something to accomplish within a week time frame. Our interests include trains, mountains, beaches, good eats, nature, festivals and any special site specific interests for these areas.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Well, the first thing we're going to need to know is where it is you plan to start from.

    Is the week you have planned include the entire trip - including drives both ways and in Florida? If that's the case, it sounds like you're going to have a hard time working all of these detours you want to include, and have time for Florida, and have time to safely cover the miles, but knowing the specifics will make a very big difference.

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    We have a week in Fort Myers Florida and then a week to "get back home" which is good old Wisconsin. So I am asking about a few pit stops going down to Florida and then mainly about the week trip back through the previously mentioned states. Thanks!

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    Okay, but how many days do you have to go from WI to Ft. Myers? Can you be a bit more specific where in WI?

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    Hello travelbug6,

    You should check out Myakka River State Park in Sarasota, FL. There is so much wild life that you have to slow your car until they more out of the roadway. Wonderful for families to get their bikes out and ride or take a little hike before heading down to the pier for lunch. They are just finishing repairs to the historic Civilian Conservation Corps cabins built between 1934 - 1941. Checkout the website for pictures of them. The cabins are super cool in person and a piece of our American Heritage.

    Jenny Todd
    Tampa, FL

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    Default Planning with the children and maps.

    Quote Originally Posted by travelbug6 View Post
    Kids are a bit older and want to incorporate more learning experiences on the way down.
    By the sounds of it, the children are also old enough to learn to read good maps. One way to get them to take an interest in where they are, and how they got there.

    I take it you are planning this with good detailed maps, such as are produced by AAA (free to members) and Rand McNally. The children can help you plan where to stop, places which interest them, and follow the trip on the map - perhaps even highlight it at the end of the day so they can see exactly where they drove that day. They will also learn about daily limitations as you explain a place is too far out of the way.

    The maps mentioned have a wealth of information and attractions on them, as well as having scenic routes hilighted. So much more than you will ever see within the confines of a small screen. The children also sound as if they may be old enough to do some of the research of each place to see what it has to offer, etc.

    It is never too early to learn to read a map, and the ability to read a map will see them through a lifetime of travelling. Besides that, maps are essential when on the road (deespite gps) and invaluable during the planning stage.

    You might also like to encourage the children to keep a journal of their trip, by spending 15 or 20 mins before bed each night recording the highlights of the day - this can be done through prose, pictures, ticket stubbs or souvenirs picked up during the day. In fact anything the children choose to remind them of the experience. These are great to look back on later, or take to school and share with classmates.


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