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    I'm in the process of planning an RV road trip for the last week in March and am looking for some personal feedback like I've read on other posts. We live in the Chicago area and my kids have never seen a lot of what our country has to offer. So, I'm refusing to buckle to the "Disney Pressure" and am insisting on an old-fashioned road trip. Ideally, I'd like to make the trip out west through South Dakota and over to Yellowstone and down to the Grand Tetons. However, late March would likely be a "crap shoot" in terms of the weather and that's a best case scenario. So, I'm considering heading SE to the Smokies and through NC out to the Outer Banks. Any feedback on either of these two routes, or completely different suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Actually, much of Yellowstone will still be snowbound in March, but otherwise such a trip has a lot to recommend it, as does a trip to the Outer Banks by way of the Smokies. However, unless I'm missing something, there's one thing you're leaving out of your family RoadTrip and that's your family. Rather than seek advice from strangers, why not ask them what they'd like to see and do. Certainly it doesn't have to be just WallyWorld, but then it doesn't have to totally exclude such places either. If your kids are old enough to understand the logistics, it should be easy enough to explain to them that Disney World is just too far.

    Rather than deciding first on exact destinations, first sit down together and decide what kinds of things you'd like to see: history, scenic beauty, shore, and yes even an amusement park. Set limits, but you may need to compromise as well. See if you can come up with a destination that allows you to hit sites that fulfill everyone's wish lists either on the way there, while there, or on the way back.


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    If you really only have a week, an RV road trip won't take you very far - and the western destinations can be a long way in a snow storm.

    In planing an RV trip with my two kids the first thing I asked was, "within a radius of X miles (you determine a reasonable driving distance) what are the two or three things would you most like to see?" Keep in mind that you can set the limits of how many amusement parks you include. (There won't be many open within 1,000 miles of Chicago in March).

    If they didn't know what there was to see, I gave them a list of things I'd found that sounded interesting, educational, scenic, etc. They made their selections, my wife and I made ours, and I planned a trip that included as much as possible making sure that each person had the same number of choices on the list. The itinerary was posted in the RV and everyone knew what we'd see when. There was no complaining "I didn't get to see what I wanted to see" because every place was on the list, and we saw them all.

    The take-away message, it isn't so much a matter of what you see, but that each person has a voice in picking the destinations. If you do it all, the kids will be bored because they weren't involved. I've heard the story a hundred times from friends who hated their family vacations because they had to go where their parents wanted to go.

    Make it a family project and you'll have a great time.

    Craig Sheumaker
    co-author of the travel guide: America's Living History-The Early Years

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