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    Some great lists here as I plan to equip my RV for a looong road trip this coming summer, thanks.

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    Default Welcome.

    Hi Major, and Welcome to the Great American Roadtrip Forum.

    Just some of the great resources you'll find as you trawl around the site.

    Should you desire any help or suggestions for your long trip, feel free to start your own thread.


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    Yeah, there are a lot of stuff to bring for road trips. It's just like we load my all home into my car/travel trailer. LOL. Interestingly, I forgot some important things in every trip and just realized when being in need of them. Ah, one more thing I would like to add on your list is an RV TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system). This device would ensure our safety on the road especially when you usually take long road trips. It saves my life more than once and now it's an must-have device I will bring in every upcoming road trip to have a peace of mind and enjoy my trips to the fullest.
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    That's a good idea, the TPMS! Since we no longer have an RV, we aren't as familiar with what's on the newer ones. (We had a 1995 tent trailer for a while, and that brand is no longer making tent trailers. Then we had a 1994 fifth wheel, and that brand has been sold to another manufacturer. Weird!)

    I still haven't found my RV packing list, but since that one was made 20+ years ago, it probably isn't relevant anyway. Our "tire pressure monitoring system" was a tire gauge and a lot of squatting down!


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