This article was written by Lisa Cach, a writer from Seattle and while not all of her "rules" are on my list, it is a good read.

My husband is a car guy who loves road trips; I hate them. So when he said he wanted to take a 2,000 mile road trip to celebrate his 50th birthday, I shuddered.

And then got to work planning. If I had to go on a road trip, I was going to make it bearable… or at least try. I didn’t believe it was possible.

The end result was a journey that, to my great shock, I enjoyed.

You learn a thing or two about how to take a road trip after a couple weeks in a car with your beloved. Here are 10 Rules of the Road Trip, as discovered by intrepid explorers Lisa & Clark — you know, like Lewis & Clark, only in a car, and without the frostbite.... Read More...