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    Default Car Rental Rates - Check and Check Again!

    When we get people asking about finding deals for car rentals, one of the big things you'll frequently see said here is that you should frequently check, as rates are always changing. Today, I got a great reminder of why that's the case.

    I'm picking up a rental car today in Clearwater, Florida, and planning to drive it back to Wisconsin. I'd already booked a very good rate of $20 a day, with no drop fee, taking advantage of a promotional rate often offered in April/May to get cars removed from Florida. I'd booked it a month or two ago, and had been checking from time to time to see if there are any other deals out there.

    Well today, just a few hours before I'm scheduled to pick up the car, I checked again, and the rate dropped! Now, instead of $20 a day, its $14, so I rebooked a new reservation, cancelled the old one, and saved myself 30%!

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    Sounds great. Did you get any penalty for cancelling your first booking? Many of the online deals I've seen say no refunds, no cancellations. Thanks.

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    No cancellation penalty. Typically if you book through the car rental sites themselves, there is no deposit required, or any cancellation fees. If you are booking through a consolidator or other 3rd party, then you have to be careful about those fees.

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