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    Default What are the Pros and Cons of Fall & Winter RoadTrips?

    For all the seasoned roadtrippers out there, what are the pros and cons of fall and winter roadtrips?

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    That really is far to broad of a question - the pros/cons of a trip to say Florida in September are vastly different than the pros/cons of a January trip to Montana.

    In general, Fall/Winter trips are a time with reduced crowds compared to the summer, but in many cases you have cold weather and/or limited access to areas. But again, you'd have to get into the specifics of where and when you are looking to travel.

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    Default To each his own.

    Surely this would be different with each person. We all have different likes and dislikes.... different tolerances. Some like the heat. Some hate it. Others can't tolerate even a cool breeze. Then again there are those who love the autumn leaves and ski resorts. I guess for them the winter road trip is the pinnacle of trips.

    So what are your likes and dislikes?


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    Default Pros and cons within.

    There can also be [and often is] a huge difference between a 'Fall' and 'winter' trip. Again it's what type of trip and where you are headed that is the main thing, beach, ski, desert etc. Fall is my favourite time of year to travel as the crowds have gone, lodgings are generally cheaper and the weather can be kind, yet some mountain passes start to close for the season and places like National parks may have limited access, or you can experience temporary closures and delays just about anywhere. On the other hand deserts can still be classed as hot, but bearable unlike the summer months.

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    Default October has it all

    ...and then there is October...

    Hands down the best month to road trip anywhere in North America is October. Crowds are less, weather tends to be milder, crisp nights cool days.

    Here are some suggestions for winter trips...


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