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    Default is winter a bad time to do a road trip?

    i'm planning to do a road trip in late december with a friend traveling the southern route from san francisco crossing over to arizona and texas heading towards new orleans. are the roads pretty safe (rain, snow, etc.) considering it will be during the winter?
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    Default Winter weather is part of the thrill

    Road Greetings Trang,

    Late December is still pretty early for the really bad weather prospects of mid-January. However, we have been caught in terrible ice storms along both I-40 and I-10 in Texax in early December. You can expect and should plan for rain, snow and ice for any portion of that trip from Tucson to Houston and rain and wind the balance of the way.

    Current, and reasonable accurate road conditions are available 24/7 at

    But traveling then has its own rewards -- it is more of an adventure!


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