In the last month or so, we've received a good deal of feedback about driving directions on the RTA Custom Maps. As you may have noticed, we do not offer, provide or support driving directions on any of the RTA Custom Maps programs. This is not an accident of design!

On RTA we do not believe in "Driving Directions." Our maps were created to provide information about possible routes and the attractions that can be found along routes or in specific radius distances from town and cities in North America. The description of the RTA RoadTrip Attractions is exclusive to RTA and are crafted by the RTA Editorial Staff. Each location is hand-checked and is unique in some way that is of particular interest to roadtrippers!

There are about 30 well-designed mapping programs available on the Web (in English language) and most of them include driving directions on given routes -- None of them have access to the RTA library of RoadTrip Attractions.

We encourage all members to use paper maps when on the road and use the RTA Custom Maps programs as a form of research for planning your trips.

One of the best tools we offer is the Print function for any map you create on the RTA Custom Maps program. You can print an incredible list for any route you've built of attractions along the way.