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    Planning trip from San Diego to South Rim of Grand Canyon in 2 weeks.

    Planning to take I-8 to 85N to I-17N through Flagstaff.

    Want to see Sedona again, so will take 179 from I-17 to get there.

    From Sedona what is best way to South Rim of Grand Canyon?

    Option 1 Eastern Route: Take 89 through Flagstaff to 64W to S. Rim
    Option 2 Diagnal NW: Take 89 to 180 to 64
    Option 3 Interstate Route: Take 89 to I-40W to 64 near Williams, AZ

    I'd like scenic drive, but not twisting mountain roads. Plus this will be after a long drive from San Diego may just want to get there ASAP from Sedona.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default 1 or 2

    If you want the more scenic trip, I think 89 to 64 would be the best bet, as it takes you right along the east rim of the canyon.

    However, if you are just looking for the fastest route to the Grand Canyon village, I suspect your second choice, via 180, would be quite a bit faster than going all the way to Williams.

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    Thanks for the advice Michael. This is good advice.

    I'd prefer a scenic route, but was not sure if of these routes were on high mountain roads. I did a couple of those in S. California and I've had my fill of white nuckle drives.

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    The 180 route NW from Flagstaff does go through some mountain roads around Humphrey's Peak. I've not driven that route, so I can't speak to the specifics of the road.

    Both the route west to Williams and north to the Grand Canyon, and the route north to near Cameron, and then west into the Grand Canyon will not have these sections. Of the two, I'd take the north, then west route (89 to 64) as the most scenic. The road coming in from the east entrance pretty much follows the south rim of the Grand Canyon for around 10-20 miles, and there are many nice places to stop and enjoy the view.

    I did a very similar route in reverse a year or so ago-- spent the night in Williams, then about an hour up to the Canyon at Grand Canyon Village. Then spent time following the south rim heading east towards Desert View (near the eastern entrance to the canyon), before heading out, and south down 89 to Flagstaff.

    I would also note that you have the option of visiting Sunset Crater National Monument and Wupatki National Monument (indian ruins) if you go along 89, as well as there are some pretty good Indian trading posts near Cameron for Indian textiles and art. We had headed out of the Grand Canyon and so were not pushing for time to get to anywhere but our next nights accomodations, so we were more than willing to stop or visit these places. You might consider some of these as well -- depending upon where your next overnight stop is.

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    Default AZ-179? Lost and Found

    Quote Originally Posted by JoeT View Post
    Want to see Sedona again, so will take 179 from I-17 to get there.
    Are you a former local? Do you know about the mysterious part of AZ-179? There is a disconnected section of AZ-179 that you can reach by exiting I-17 at Cordes Junction and following AZ-69 up to the outskirts of Prescott Valley before branching off on Fain Road, (which is this little-known section of AZ-179. When I first read this post, that was the section I thought you were referring to. But obviously you mean the section that is found at exit 298 and makes the beeline to Sedona. Now if you want a little more adventure you could use this "mysterious" section and go through Jerome on your way to Sedona on AZ-89A
    From Sedona what is best way to South Rim of Grand Canyon?
    Option 1 Eastern Route: Take 89 through Flagstaff to 64W to S. Rim
    Just so there is no confusion -- that route is AZ-89A (alternate) that goes to Flagstaff
    Option 2 Diagnal NW: Take 89 to 180 to 64
    So the most direct would be AZ-89A to US-180 to the south rim


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    Thanks to everyone for your timely and informative responses.

    Sorry, my mistake. I'm a Buckeye from Ohio. I meant to say I plan on taking 179 from I-17N into Sedona, I missed that the road north from there is 89A, and not 179.

    Did not know about the 179 story, but have driven from Prescott, via Jerome to Sedona on 89 before and it was a beautiful trip through mountains and ranch country. Very windy in Jerome that trip though.

    Guess I'll go with from Flagstaff on 89 to 64 and see the sights you mentioned on the way and the south side of the canyon.

    Also planning to see meteor crater between Flagstaff & Winslow on my way east.

    Thanks again everyone, you folks are a great help.

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