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  1. Default Driving from Austin, TX to Atlanta, GA leaving in evening

    I will be driving from Austin, TX to Atlanta, GA beginning Monday June 26th. I would like to leave in the early evening and would like to knock out a few hours, spend the night somewhere then complete the drive the next day. Realistically I plan on leaving around 7:30 to 8:00 and driving 4 to 5 hours that night depending on where that puts me. I figure that way I am missing rush hour out of Austin and through Houston. Any recommendations for a good safe place with rooms that do NOT open to the exterior would be appreciated.

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    You are looking at about 1000 miles, which is a bit much to do in only a day and a half. You really need 2 full days.

    You are looking at about 2.5 hours from Austin to Houston - why don't you try to "split" rush hour - get out of Austin before rush hour and hit Houston after it?

    You should not have any problem finding a hotel at an Interstate exit which meets that criteria - you are best off at the exits for smaller towns and cities.

    Lafayette LA would be a suitable stop. Use the RTA hotel finder - click on Hotels & Cars on the top green menu bar. I found the Fairfield Inn & Suites in Lafayette, the pictures indicate that it's hotel-style with inside rooms and the reviews look pretty decent. Looks like you can book it for $79 on that date. That's just one of many hotels listed in Lafayette, there are others that have even better reviews.

    Pick different cities and towns, see what you can find.

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