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    Default Hearst castle evening tour

    Hello everyone,
    My husband's birthday is coming up & I am looking for a weekend getaway surprise. Before making a reservation, I wanted to know if any of you have taken this tour. The evening tour photos seem dramatic with the sunset background.

    This trip is going to be on 24th & 25th of this month. More like driving down on saturday morning along hwy 1. Take the evening tour at Hearst castle.

    If there is anything else around the area for our next day activity, do let me know.

    thanks for any help,
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    Default Bits and Pieces

    While I've never done the evening tour, I have done a couple of the others from which it is comprised, and I must say that it sounds compelling. One of my minor disappointments with touring the castle during the day, and with large groups, was that it was difficult to get a sense of how Hearst and his guests actually used the place. This tour clearly addresses that with the volunteers in period dress. I suspect - but again, I've not been on this tour - that this puts them very much in the mood of the time. I also suspect that the lateness of the tour and the number of stairs involved will keep the number of people on the tour to a minimum.

    If you take the PCH down, then consider coming back by way of CA-46 inland (south of San Simeon) to US-101 north to Soledad and CA-146 east into Pinnacles National Monument for something completely different.


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    Default point taken

    Thanks for the tip! I did book an evening tour tomorrow. My main idea is to capture sunset while still in the tour. Hope the weather cooperates.

    As far as I checked, there are a very few people only. I will know tomorrow.
    We've exhausted Pinnacles trails to the maximum. Did the high peaks trail twice from either sides. So, I mostly think we might stick to the ocean.
    I did find some secret drives & boardwalks. If I figure where they are, will sure let you all know in my report.


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    I remember my trip to Hearst Castle - it was reasonably interesting, but like most things, not really worth what they charge. Think of what is reasonable and then double it seems to be the going rate --- just pitched at the sort of price where you'll pay it because you've come so far and it's a one-off expense.

    But what I remember more is driving out of the parking lot and two miles up the road pulling over to check the tyres ... and there was a six inch nail sticking out of the back drivers side. It looked brand new and shiney - I still thing someone had placed it under the wheel in the parking lot. That was 15 years ago now, but still sticks in my mind --- what a place for a puncture!

    I've driven by several times since - and it always brings back the bad memory.

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