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    Anyone had any experience with driving across couutry (CA-NY) in 4-5 days with somebody who seems "normal" over the phone and in e-mails? Any safety tips to make sure my stays with me and what will minimize the risk (we both are males).

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    kristy Guest


    i hope this isnt too late. traveling wiht a stranger is risky but if you are gonna do it i would get a current pic and copy of his liscense/id first. type or write up a copy of your itinerary along with a description of your car and leave it with a friend or relative along with a copy of his info. this is actually a good idea wether traveling long distance with a stranger or friend. check in once a day with someone. pay attention to your instincts if he seems sketchy or makes you uncomfortable in any way either confront him about it, ditch him or stop traveling wiht him. ignoring red flags is what gets a lot of people hurt, killed, or raped by people they know

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    In today's day and age, I wouldn't do it even if I was being paid well. It's a fine line between that and picking up a hitch.

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    Default Traveling with a stranger

    One of the comments you often read after someone has been caught for a gruesome murder is how normal the murderer seemed and how the neighbor, friend, etc. could not believe that the killer had done it. The almost universal comment people made about Ted Bundy was how normal and charming he was. They kept saying that right up to the time he was executed and the best guess is he murdered more than 25 women who he first charmed. The chances are this stranger you are planning to travel with is exactly what he seems to be - however, maybe he isn't. Why take that chance?

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    Don and I generally agree on most subjects. However, I have always supported the chance conversations and experiences that can arise when one travels with someone one doesn't know on a road trip. I am one of those folks who tend to pick-up hitchhikers who may not pass muster on most folk's radars. By such practices I have met characters I would never -- in a normal day -- meet or talk to.

    That said, there is no point in stretching the envelope (much) farther than you are comfortable. So I would say, -- live large -- be open to the possibilites. But recognize that you are 100% responsible for whatever happens.


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