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  1. Default What is your ideal casing for laptop?

    NOTE to Admin: I am not here to spam or violate any rules, just want to know what are

    the needs of the frequent traveler person regarding mobile gadgets. just trying to help

    an inventor friend.

    My friend is designing a next generation laptop bag that has all the necessary things

    that most of us would never imagine to be integrated to a laptop bag.

    He needs a consumer's point of view of what we want in a laptop bag.
    like maybe a laptop bag with solar panels for charging mobile gadgets or laptop bag that

    changes color with a push of a button to suit your moods.
    please feel free to share your creative ideas here.
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  2. Default Ideal laptop bag

    is this the laptop bag I've heard Louis Vuitton and Prada are bidding to design gold buckles, rings, and fashion accessories to it? I want an interchangeable laptop bag cover panel. Love to design the panels according to my everyday mood and style.

  3. Default

    I am waiting from my friend to finish working on his site so that he can take our suggestions.
    don't know though if the admin/moderators will allow us to post links here.

    Note to admin/moderators:
    Am I allow to post links here so as to take the suggestions of people who frequently travel?
    Don't want to violate any rules regarding posting on threads here.
    please notify me and shed light on this matters.

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    Default Lightweight and simple

    As laptops have to be carry on luggage, the less weight the better. Not interested in adding a kg or more to the weight.

    And insurance companies will not cover a laptop left in an unattended vehicle, so, as a sole traveller I need one which is easy to carry or slip into my handbag, especially for bathroom stops.

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I am waiting from my friend to finish working on his site so that he can take our suggestions.
    don't know though if the admin/moderators will allow us to post links here.
    New members are not permitted to post off site links. You can use the 'Contact us' link at the bottom of the page if you want to discuss it with the Forum Administrator further.

    Of course there is nothing preventing you from sending your friend a link to this thread so he "can take suggestions".

  6. Default High End Technology in a Bag

    I like the idea of having a solar panel to charge the laptop and other gadgets however it might damage the laptop itself due to overheating during voltaic process. A cooling system must installed too. I am looking for a bag that has cotton in material but is waterproof and shockproof and even fireproof so that in the worst case scenario like fire and flood, my laptop is still protected.

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