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    Default Planning trip to the south

    Hi all,

    My wife & Me are planning to make a trip to south in April for 18 days. we would do it by car.
    We thought to make the trip from New Orleans to LA. in this trip we want to be in Vagas also.
    Our interesting is national's parks , attractions and all the interesting thins
    Can you guys give us some advice for route?


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    Default southwest

    Well, there are no shortage of national parks in the southwest, that could easily fill up more than 18 days.

    You might want to only do a loop limiting yourself to California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, rather than trying to extend yourself by trying to drive all the way out to New Orleans.

    What things have you already decided you'd like to see and do other than Vegas?

    Did you ever do your previously planned trip? What did you like about that trip and what did you learn from it?

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