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  1. Default Planning a 6-7 day trip from Tx to South Carolina

    Hello all, this is my first post in the Roadtrip America forum!! I stumbled upon you guys while doing some searching for a summer road trip this year. You guys have an awesome site!!

    A buddy and I are planning a 6-7 day road trip starting off in Houston Texas, and ending up in South Carolina. We want to make this a Civil War trip, but we also don't want to miss those best kept secrets along the way. We are in the early stages of planning this trip, so any feedback/suggestions would be great. Here's some ideas we have so far....

    Possible stops in...
    New Orleans

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    Default Maybe not long enough

    You are planning on doing any battlefield touring, you might be a bit short on time to visit all the places you have listed. Each has much to offer in way of the Civil War except Savannah. They just "turned the keys to the city" over to Sherman without putting any fight.

    You can easily spend a day, if not longer, at both Vicksburg and Atlanta/Stone Mountain without venturing into the cities themselves.

    One thing that you might want to look at is the Natchez Trace and see where it leads so far as the Civil War goes.

    I wish you success.

    Remember the journey is as important as the destination

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    I can comment on the last three cities.

    Charleston and Savannah are much alike, both old cities with history and Southern charm. You'll find that the activiites in these two cities are very similar: Historical buildings, ghost tours, good food. You'll also find high prices and crowds. Charleston is easier to reach and has more battle-field type stuff. Of the two, I like Savannah best. In Savannah you'll want to see the cemetaries; the Union soldiers camped there during the Civil War (um, excuse me, we'uns from the South tend to call it the War of Northern Aggression) and they defaced many tombstones -- you can find examples of people who died before they were born, etc.

    Practical note: In either city during the summer months, parking is literally impossible (at any cost) in the historic districts. Plan to either pop for a high-priced hotel in the historic district OR take a taxi into the historic area -- trust me on this one, or you'll waste time driving around and end up frustrated!

    New Orleans. We were just there over the weekend! I'm not aware of much Civil War activity there, but then I wasn't looking for it either. Lots of good food though.

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