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    So I'm planning a road trip later this month with a few friends, from Colorado Springs, CO to Fayetteville, AR.

    The problems are:
    Two of the other three people are an engaged couple; they share one car and it's not big enough for the four of his.
    The third person doesn't drive, so he doesn't have a car for us to use.
    The only other choice would be my car, but it's nearly 15 years old and has about 125,000 miles on it, so I'm a bit reserved about its chances of surviving a 1,600 mile round trip.

    We've been looking at the possibility of renting a car, but the cost is pushing it. Plus, we're a bit concerned, based on what we've heard about certain rental companies.

    Anyone know of a company that'll provide unlimited mileage, for a reasonable price, without trying to screw us after the fact?

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I'm not sure what you've heard about "certain rental companies" but I can tell you that I've used many if not most of them, and i really can't think of any problems I've had with any of them.

    As far as what company might work best for your specific trip, there really is no way of knowing without shopping around. Prices and policies can change rather significantly with the details of a trip, so you'll have to find out what is available based on where and when you'll be renting. I'll simply offer some basic advice that make sure you play with the dates and try adjusting the pickup location, comparing airport vs in-town locations, or even other towns if it is possible for you to go up to say Denver to get the car.

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    Have a good mechanic check your car over. If it's in decent shape, I don't see why you couldn't take it.

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    I agree, with both comments.

    If your car is generally in good shape, serviced and normally reliable the mileage shouldn't be an issue, it's usually around the City in stop start traffic they are working the hardest.

    Concerning the rental, I have not known of any problems of rental Co's "screwing people over", I think it's a case of people not reading the agreement that they are signing properly, and they can only have themselves to blame for not doing so.

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