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    Hey there,

    Long time reader, first time writer. So a friend and I are thinking about going on a 4+ week road trip right after our [high school] graduation. We're thinking about taking my car (2007 honda fit sport w/ 7000 miles) or possibly renting a car. My dad suggested renting a car so we would avoid putting 5000-10000 miles on my car. But, is anyone going to rent to an 18 year old?? I know that some have a "young drivers fee", much is this? Has anyone done this before?

    I'm not quite sure how the rental car system "works" it that the "primary driver" needs to be 21/25+ or is that just the person that rents the car? If anyone knows, thanks in advance!


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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    This is a subject that comes up quite frequently on these forums. There is generally a surcharge for drivers under 25, and different rental companies have different rules about drivers under age 21. Chances are the fees would be prohibitive.

    One thing I've never quite understood is the fear of putting miles on a new vehicle. Cars are meant to be driven, after all. It's going to happen one way or the other, anyway. Since the vehicle is essentially brand new, you shouldn't have any concerns over reliability. You'll avoid the fees associating with renting a car, and chances are you will be more careful for the simple fact that you are driving your own vehicle. It also helps to be comfortable with the car you are driving.

    Now, where are you planning on taking your trip?

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    So, do you think our shananigan would work out?

    Meh...I'd almost just as soon drive my car, but having been offered a rental car as a graduation gift is just as good (if not better). I guess I like the idea that I don't have to worry about anything happening to *my* car, you know?

    Not sure, yet, where we're taking the trip. Out west...his uncle is a medicine man at a reservation in Washington State, maybe going down the coast and back home to East Tennessee. Probably drive up to Chicago, too. Dunno!

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    The companies that will allow any renting to drivers under 21 are very few and far between. Really your only chance is going to be to find a local indie rental agency, but even there I'd be expecting at least a $25 per day (if not more) extra charge for an underage driver, and that would only allow one driver. You'd be paying significant fees on top of that for any other drivers. Its also unlikely that you would get the unlimited mileage feature that is often offered by the major chains.

    I'm with Tim, putting the miles on your own car is going to probably the only way you can do this, and certainly will be a lot more feasable financially.

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    Yeah, that sounds right. Well, with the money it would cost to rent a car, I can a.) tint my windows and b.) put a rack on the roof! XD

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