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    My husband and I are planning a road trip to Washington State. We have a 4 wheel drive vehicle (Jeep Compass) but I'm nervous about hitting dangerous conditions. Any suggestions on the best route to take and where to stop? Thanks!

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    The reality is that in Late February, it is certainly possible to see a winter storm pretty much anywhere in the US. There is no cross country route that's immune from bad weather, and no way of knowing where the weather will be favorable until you have an accurate weather forecast, and that won't happen until you are just about to leave (and even until you are actually on the road, in cases of condition farther west).

    The best route is usually to plan for the most direct route, as it will put you on the road for the shortest amount of time. In this case, taking I-90, I-94/90, or I-80/84 are all amount the same distance. The I-90 based options are often a bit better because they cross the rockies at a lower elevation than I-80, which is up above 6,000 feet for more of the trip across wyoming. In either case, your best bet for safety is to simply have an extra day or two available. Even in the worst cases, the roads have been plowed and are back to good condition on the interstates within a day or two.

    4 wheel drive is really only of marginal help for a trip like this. It is great to help get you going in heavy snow, but when you are talking about travel at interstate speeds, the problem isn't getting going, it is stopping, and 4 wheel drive provides no help in that regard.
    In general the best

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