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    Default what route??

    I plan on leaving Chicago Janruary 18th for Sacramento. Friends are saying, "Take the southern route" but noone can tell me what that is. Is the southern route interstate 70 or 40? I hate doing extra miles but want to avoid icey mountains or becoming snow bound.
    Appreciate any advise......Tony

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    Default Been in Chicago long?

    If you have spent much time driving in Chicago winter storms, you have nothing to be worried about. Lake-effect snowstorms are some of the most intense one can experience in the lower 48.

    On this Forum there have been plenty of opinions posted about the best hwy to use in the winter months. For example, check out the postings headed "I-10 or I-40" -- For my money, I would always choose I-55 to I-70 for your route. It is true that you will go over the Colorado Rockies on I-70, but the snow-removal crews in Colorado are some of the best in the world.

    The worst, in my humble opinion, is the snow & ice removal capabilty along I-40 in the panhandle of Texas. If you hit a snow/ice storm along that route -- you are going to be stranded for a spell. Likewise, the ice/snow combinations on I-10 near Van Horn, Texas can be a supreme drag.

    Besides the rockies with fresh powder is one of the most amazing sights in the USA. Have fun!


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