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  1. Default DC to Oakland, CA late february

    Hi all --

    I'm making a cross-country trip in 8-9 days from DC to Oakland, CA -- I'm so psyched. I'm looking at something like the following route:

    Day 1: DC to approx. Knoxville, TN
    Day 2: Knoxville to Nashville TN (night in Nashville)
    Day 3: Nashville to Little Rock (stop in Memphis?)
    Day 4: Little Rock to Oklahoma City
    Day 5: OK City to Santa Fe or Albuquerque, NM
    Day 6: Santa Fe to Sedona, AZ
    Day 7: Sedona to Las Vegas
    Day 8: Las Vegas to Los Angeles
    Day 9: Los Angeles to Oakland

    First: What do you think of the route? Any places not worth the visit? Or is it better to rush through a few to spend more time somewhere else?

    Second: I'm planning to do this drive on my own.. and without getting a lot of hotel/motel rooms ahead of time. Am I crazy?

    Thanks! :)

    -- Melissa

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Your route is perfectly fine, an how you spend your free time (of which you'll have quite a bit) is entirely up to you. As presented, it's pretty heavy on cities - you list no natural attractions or historic sites at all on your list. Still, the one thing I would suggest is that Santa Fe is definitely worth the slight detour from I-40. It is like nowhere else on your list, particularly the main square, Santa Fe Plaza, and the Palace of the Governors.

    There is no particular need to get reservations ahead of time unless you want something out of the ordinary or to make sure that you've saved every last dime possible. Against that you have to way the freedom to linger in an area that appeals to you or to just push on if you're making good time and want to get to the next place down the road.


  3. Default Thanks, and wish me luck!

    Thanks, AZBuck!

    I went to AAA today to get a membership & spent a few minutes talking to one of their trip planners about my route -- and made a few smaller changes, but I'm feeling pretty good about it!

    Day 1: DC to Smoky Mt. National Park
    Day 2: Destination: Nashville
    Day 3: Travel Day, west (stop in Memphis?)
    Day 4: Travel Day (stopping somewhere that catches my eye... we'll see!)
    Day 5: Destination: Sante Fe (Taos if I have time?)
    Day 6: Destination: Sedona
    Day 7: Destination: Vegas
    Day 8: Destination: Oakland

    Though I'm sticking fairly close to Rt 40, I got a few pointers on some deviations that take me through the original Rt 66.

    Now it's just on to packing and planning my road trip CDs! :)

    -- Melissa

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