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  1. Default G'day from an Aussie Roadtripper.

    What a great site! My wife (Marilyn) and I are addicted roadtrippers and get out there whenever we can. Obviously most of our trips are down here in Oz but we did have a wonderfully memorable roadtrip through New England (after a week in New York) in the Fall of 2009. We plan on returning later this year for perhaps a couple of months; a month in NYC broken by a roadtrip or trips somewhere not too far out of the Big Apple. I will seek suggestions on this as time marches on.

    Perhaps a report of our New England trip might be of interest, especially to other international visitors, so I will post that if you all like.

    As I am obviously new to this great site, I may need some initial assistance in where best to post my RT report.

    Best wishes from the Land of Wonder, the Land Down Under.

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    Default G'day, mate!


    You are welcome to post your trip reports in the Road Trip Field Reports section!

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