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    Ok this will be my first road trip and it's super important I get this right because it's also my first roadtrip with my new boyfriend. Now I need to know about Spring time in Chicago and Missouri. Our road trip starts off in New Jersey to Chicago to the Bulls Stadium then to Missouri to the Chiefs Stadium. Any ideas for sight-seeing, food, hotels.......aything that you could tell me would be I said before this is my first official grown-up road trip. I would love to know about everything.


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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    It's hard for many of us "old-timers" to remember back to our first long RoadTrips. Now we make hundreds of decisions, mostly unconsciously, in the lead up to and preparation for any given trip. "Everything" covers an awful lot. So start by poking around our RoadTrip Planning Page for a few of the things to think about as you plan your great adventure, including not planning too much! Then sit down with your boyfriend and take the RoadTrip Compatibility Quiz, which is really just a series of discussion points about your trip so you can feel each other out about what you expect from your travels.

    So much for generalities. Now for a few specifics. Any trip from NJ to KC that's going to include stops at Soldiers Field (the Bears' home - the Bulls are a basketball team and play in an arena} and Arrowhead Stadium should certainly include a stop in Canton, OH for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. There's tons more, but get the basics set up first, such as general route of travel, amount of time you'll have, budget, and such. Then come back and let everyone know what your other interests are, and we'll see what we can do


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    I'm a little confused about why you are heading to these specific stadiums. The Chicago Bulls play at the United Center, and they will still be playing in the spring, but the Kansas City Chiefs are a football team whose season will be long done with in the spring.

    Are you just planning to take tours of these buildings or did you want to actually see a game?

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