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    Default We Will Do 6 Week Road Trip in Corvette Convertible, Summer 2011...

    My CEO is enthused, and we are in planning stages of a ~6 week road trip in our '02 Vette Vert.

    We have done several cross country trips, back in the '90s and '00s on a motorcycle, so we are not novices. Our cats are 'gone' and we figured it was time to give it another go; this time with 4 wheels under us, but still fairly spartan. Coincidentally, my wife's father invited us to join them on a ~10 day cruise of Alaska's shoreline from Vancouver to Juneau/Anchorage, so though we had not planned to get that far 'northwest', we are plugging that cruise embarkation point into our car trip.

    I found this site/forums, so I am reading many threads, and assembling a folder of BMs and info...there is slight concern due to close quarters in a two seater, and snow at altitude, as I have never not been in snow showers during any m'cycle trip through the Rockies, in any 'summer' months.
    Cost is also a slight concern, but we do not camp, and other than the slight drudgery of 4 1/2 weeks of crummy motels and 3 hots eating out, we are not fiscally bound to any budget. Stuff to see, places to go, thousands of pics to snap, etc.

    We simply need to get to Vancouver, BC by early June, do the boat ride, and then wander gently back across the top of the US. We expect 6 weeks, and it should be an adventure in seeing many great spots from previous m'cycle trips, and some places we missed. We head west from our summer Mtn home in far western NC around the end of May, and wander back to it by the first week of July, or later.

    Curiously, searching the net reveals very few links to long duration, real cross country trips in a Vette, other than the usual '7 day dash and a couple of sights' type link. If anyone here has done serious road trips in a Vette, for weeks on end, including sightseeing, I would love to read of your experiences.

    We have done a dozen week+ trips in the VetteVert, but nothing like a trip of this planned time, mileage, and magnitude. Any opins, tips, & ideas from RTA readers are welcome.
    Best Regards,

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    Default It Doesn't All Have to be "On the Road"

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The thing about a very long (more than a month) RoadTrip is that it doesn't have to be a daily grind of wake up, pack up, hit the road, and find another motel at night. Rather than look at this as one long drive, think instead about a few places or relatively small areas that you'd like to explore in some depth. Then, forget about a motel and rent a home for a week. Such rentals are not all that much more expensive than four walls and a bed and you get a full kitchen meaning that you can save considerably over eating every meal 'out', some quiet space, and a chance to really unpack for a while - leaving the car free of suitcases and such while you explore. At the end of the week (or shorter periods depending on their availability and your schedule) you pack up and drive to the next area and again settle in for awhile. Such house rentals can be found by doing a web search on a city name and the term 'vacation rental'. The other option, of course, is to stay at B&Bs. these are better for shorter stays of a few days or less.


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    Thanks AZBuck...that is our plan, as in spending time in many of the spots we saw on several previous cross country m'cycle rides, and getting to a few other places that we have missed.

    The house rent thing seems far fetched, but the couple-three nights in one place is doable schedule-wise/places to explore-wise, a few stops, though nailing it down before departure puts the trip into a schedule of its own then.

    We do have to be in Vancouver, 'getting on the boat' on a certain day, and then we 'get off the boat' and recover the Vette, ~10 days later. The getting to Vancouver, and especially the coming 'back' from Vancouver to the NC Mtns, is the real road trip part. We have never been a fan of B&Bs, but worth looking into...all the previous long distance runs on the m'cycle have generally been ride into a lil' town, cop a room within walking distance of a tavern, (dinner and medicinal bevs), and repeat, while seeing some amazing country. We are trying for a similar scenario, but with four wheels under us this time. Was just hoping a reader/poster had done a similar long distance trip in a VetteVert, with some accompanying tips or opins...And, here is 'home' for 4 1/2 of those 6 weeks, ;>)
    Best Regards, mD

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    Default 8 Week, 13,000 Mile Road Trip!

    Fabulous Road Trip of US & Canada! We recently returned home, from our 8 week, 13,000 mile car trip, plus an Alaska cruise in the middle. We hit 33 states, 4 Provinces of Canada, 14 National Parks, a half dozen state parks, and had a wonderful time!

    My CEO drove over half the miles, including some remarkable 2 lane mountain roads and passes, so I could shoot some pics out the window. The AK cruise segment was 'ok', but it was with her father & stepmother, so it was good to be with them.

    The VetteVert ran like a top, never 'breathed hard' even at the 9,000-12,000 ft altitudes, and we were awed by the sights, vistas, good people we met along the road, and all the things to see and do.

    We were 'elbow to elbow' for those 8 weeks, but we simply had a wonderful time together...

    I highly rec'd getting in a 'fun car', and driving the fabulous 2 lane roads of the US and western Canada!

    I took ~20 Gigs of photos, (even though my Canon 40D was constantly glitching), and I tossed up a couple sets on Flickr for your duds, I promise.

    Thanks for reading and looking and, go hit the Road, and see the US & CDA!
    Best Regards,
    Ol'UncleMotor & VZ

    General Scenes & Pics:

    Road Trip Car Pics:
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    That's for sharing your story and pics! It looks like it was a fantastic adventure!

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