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  1. Default Looking for a Spring Break trip from SC to interesting places

    Hey everyone,

    I've read a lot on this site and there is a lot of great information so I thought if I could get some more info and ideas from you guys.

    I'll try to be as detailed as possible so you know what I'm looking for. A group of 3-4 college aged males are looking to do something different for spring break and see some interesting (possibly off the beaten path) places.

    We have 10 days (Fri-Sun) and are willing to drive anywhere the last week of March. We need to leave from upstate South Carolina and return to the same place. We are looking for some crazy places to go (landmarks, off the beaten path places, local stuff) within driving distance from SC and back in 10 days.

    We have lots of contacts all over the southeast from college on places to stay so we'll probably do equal couch hopping to staying at hotels. We're pretty familiar with southeast places so we'd like to get possibly as far as Texas or places north of KY-WV to explore and do some different things.

    We'll be saving on lodging so we'll have money to drive and do other activities so does anyone have any ideas of some things we can do in 10 days as college aged males?

    Thanks for any help.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The "Where to Go" questions is probably the single most difficult one we get on this forum, simply because we can't possibly know as well as you, what you are interested in. With 10 days, your goal of getting out to Texas or going farther north are certainly workable, but there really are millions of things you could do with those limitations. Once you've narrowed things down at least a little by coming up with a few major stops, it will be much easier for others to help you fill in the gaps.

    So I'd start there. Work with your friends (their input is far more important than ours), sit down one night with some drinks, and a map, and come up with a few places that you think might be interesting. Certainly, there are a lot of tools here to help you come up with more ideas - both in the forum, and the other sections of the site like the Routes, Attractions, and Map Center sections. Once you've got the start of a plan, come back, and we can help you put it all together.

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    Thanks for the reply.

    I do lots of traveling so I have already done many things in the southeast so I was just hoping for a couple suggestions of places people enjoyed that would be within driving distance of what we're looking for. We have contacts in Memphis, northern Louisiana, south Florida, etc. so all of those places could be potential stops. I've personally already done Atlanta, Memphis, Nashville, the NC triad, Charlotte, Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Savannah, Jacksonville, etc.

    Potential stops could be New Orleans, Dallas, Austin. We can make it back to SC on a haul from Dallas in a day and a half rotating driving (remember we're college aged males so we've done stuff like this before).


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    If you are going to do a "haul" we call that a "speed run". We don't really recommend driving more than 600 miles in a day, but if you must, please read this article. Take note of the "3 driver rotation" and ensure a driver and navigator are always awake.

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    I consider myself experienced in "speed runs" so I'm mainly looking for advice on destinations. Thanks.

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    Sorry, but your cavalier "we're young college student" and thus indestructible is very much a cause for concern, and very much a reason why falling asleep behind the wheel is one of the top causes of death for people in your age group.

    As for place to see, I've pointed you in the direction of many many resources on this site that are filled with great ideas of place that people have enjoyed. Until you've done more and figured out what you are doing, there's just not much more we can help you with in terms of a personal response.

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