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  1. Default Sudden spring break trip, help!

    My friends and I have decided to take a short trip to northern california in mid march. we are all very active and under 21. we like the beach and dont mind crowds. we are starting in south-western washington. We are up for theme parks, hikes, beaches, just about anything. Any suggestions.

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    We need a little more info. How many days is the short road trip? 3 days? a week? I know they usually ask for info like that. Also take a look around the site to find some suggestions.

    My quick suggestion, depending on how much time you have, is to take US 101 down the coast into Redwoods National Park.

    And welcome to the forum!

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    We are looking at 4 maybe five days. thanks for the welcome :)

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    For usable beaches and theme parks, you may have to go as far south as San Francisco. This may be a little tough in only 4 days for the round trip.

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    i agree with GLC on this one. 4 days to mid Cali is a lot. taking in the sights of the Oregon beaches along that coastal highway into the Redwoods National Forest is your best bet

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    This was VERY helpful! I appreciate it so much. Glad I found the site

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