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    Default Boston to San Diego and back in two weeks

    My boyfriend and I want to take a road trip to San Diego and back, but at most we would have two weeks to do it. Is this possible, and would we be able to make it and also see some good sights?

    Some of the places we really want to go, this trip or not, include Chicago, Casper Wyoming, Seattle, San Francisco, and the Grand Canyon. This would be our first road trip planning experience. I have been on many with my family, but my parents always planned them. Please give any ideas and advice you have! Thanks!

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    Default yes and no

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Yes, it is possible to drive from Boston to San Diego and back in 2 weeks. However, driving is just about all you'd have time to do, and you certainly could not do some of the detours you've talked about.

    It really is a 6 day drive each way, so with 2 weeks, that means you only have 2 days left to be in California or do anything along the way.

    If you've only got 2 weeks max, I'd recommend looking at a destination that isn't so far away, so you can actually have some time to enjoy yourselves.

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    Default Too much.

    To hit those spots you mention in a round trip is going to be over 7500 miles and to do it in 14 days will mean driving for 9/10 hours a day, every day !

    Yes you can make it , but no you won't have time to see the sights. As Michael mentioned, heading direct to SD is not going to leave you much 'free' time and with 2 weeks being the maximum time available you only have two realistic options, take a shorter trip or fly out to the Southwest and rent a car.

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    it took my friends about 5 days just to get from VA to CA and they weren't really sightseeing. most of that time was just spent on the road. 14 days might be enough to just go one way and a good amount of sights.

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