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    Default 6 Weeks Boston to Cali and Back

    I'm planning a 5-6 week trip from Boston to Cali. I'll be heading down the East Coast to Carolinas then probably New Orleans, Austin, Grand Canyon and San Diego. I would like to spend 10 days in Cali and drive the PCH north.
    Home will probably be along the middle states (I traveled 1-90 to San Fran back in the day) with a potential stop in Lead, SD, and Omaha, NE for the College World Series. From there it is Chicago and Syracuse.

    I got my basics down, but now I need some must see stuff and some spots off the beaten path.

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    Default Which "Middle States"

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    What sort of route did you have in mind for your trip back. I'm a little confused because you mention using I-90 in the past, which really doesn't go any where near San Francisco. And then you talk about visiting Lead, SD, which is very much on I-90.

    So are you thinking of working north, say to Yellowstone, and then then picking up I-90 for a trip into the Black Hills. Or would you rather stay in what I would consider the middle, by taking I-80 through Wyoming or I-70 through Colorado as you work east?

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    Default I have options...

    The most likely route home will be 1-70. However, there is a potential diversion back up to Lead, SD. But I will eventually head back down.

    My northern trip took me through the Badlands, Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone, Grand Teton, Jackon Hole, Yosemite, and ended in San Fran.

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