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    Forgive me if this has already been covered. I'm new and didn't find my particular trip covered in the forums.

    We're headed Buffalo, NY to Atlanta with 2 kids (4 and 7).

    I'm seeing a few different ways, one through Cleveland, and 2 other options going through Pittsburg.
    We're headed to see family in Atlanta but would be breaking up the driving over 2 days each direction, and looking for interesting places to stop along the way.
    Also any thoughts on 90/77 route vs. 90/79/77.

    We did the trip over 10 years ago (no kids) and took the 77 route down, and opted for the 79 route on our return.


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    There's virtually no difference between those 2 routes mileage and time wise. I might let the weather help make your decision for you - if there's lake effect snow you will want to get inland as soon as possible. If you take 79, the US-19 "shortcut" to 77 cuts off about 30 miles and may or may not be worth it.

    There are other ways to do it too - instead of going through Charlotte, you could take 81/40/75. You could also take 71 out of Cleveland to Cincy, then 75. All of these possibilities are pretty much around the 900 to 950 mile range.

  3. Default Buffalo to Atlanta with kids

    Did you ever take this trip and if so what did you do wrt stopping along the way? I am trying to plan a trip to Atlanta from Buffalo w/ 2 daughters and need to take 2 days too. Looking for a place to stop with something to do for the girls about half way through. Any thoughts?

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    Depending on the route you choose, the halfway point is around Cincinnati, Charleston WV, or Staunton VA.

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