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    Default The best way to drive across America

    What are some general tips or routes you would suggest? Have you done this before?

    General opinions, comments, or questions are also welcome.

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    Default No such thing.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Simply put, there is no "best way" as time scale, purpose, interests, how many travelling and budget are just some of the things to consider. The Roadtrip is a personal experience that gives you the freedom to travel in your own style and with thousands of route options to choose from it's too early for us to make any meaningful suggestions.

    It's possible to drive across the country in 5 to 6 days when using our recommendation of travelling no more than 5-600 miles [Approx 10 hours per day] a day on a multi day trip. This would be mainly Interstate travel with no time for sight seeing, just short breaks from the car to eat, go to the bathroom, fill with gas and stretch your limbs. You could also take 3 Months and still not manage to see everything you might want to see, so you have some work to do.

    Your first steps are to answer some of the questions above for yourself and to get hold of a good map and do some research by searching the forums and using other areas of the RTA site, such as the 'Map centre' where you can create routes and find attractions.

    When you have made a start and got a 'beginning and end point' for your journey [one way trip or loop] and a few dots in between we can then start to help fill in the blanks.

    Enjoy the planning !

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