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    Default what routes should i use?

    I am soon to be flying into San Francisco, my friend and I wish to travel from SF towards Las Vegas, then from there towards Los Angeles, then onto San Diego, possibly visiting Tijuana, from there we would like to travel up the coast road to San Francisco.

    Could anyone please advise me on what attractions or places we could stop off on this route. We have 3 weeks to fit all this in, so would like to see as much as possible.


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    Default Exactly when are you going ?


    When are you travelling ? You say you are going soon, if soon is before the end of May then you cannot traverse the Sierra Nevada mountains as the passes will still be snow bound. Checkout this page for details of mountain pass closure dates.

    This will have a dramatic effect on the choices available to go from San Francisco to Las Vegas as the mountains are in the way. You can clearly see this on the map on

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    Default Actually the three primary passes rarely close!

    There are three routes going through three mountain passes that are used 99% of time for most travelers going from San Francisco to Las Vegas and they rarely close this time of year.

    Interstate 80 crosses Donner Pass and I don't even know when the last closure due to snow happened in March (50+ years). Once in Nevada you can reach Las Vegas via either US-Hwy 95 or traverse the Eastern Sierra on US-Hwy-395 and approach Las Vegas through Death Valley.

    Likewise US-50 is rarely, if ever closed in March due to snow.

    The southern route is Interstate 5 to CA-58 thru Tehachapi to Barstow and then up I-15 to Las Vegas. Again, snow in Tehachapi in March/April is so rare the odds are 99 to 1 against it happening.

    Now, UK is correct that some of the more scenic routes and the high mountain are still closed due to snow -- but you can easily drive from San Francisco to Las Vegas (the southern route is an easy 8-hour drive -- I have done it numerous times in all seasons).

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    It was the scenic mountain passes I was referring to.

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