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    Default Help..driving from Phoenix Arizona to Gary Indiana

    Hi my son is driving from Phoenix to Gary Indiana on January 1st can someone please tell me the best route with as little as snow as possible.

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    Default not really possible to answer

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    The reality is that no one can answer that question at this point.

    Every single possible route between Phoenix and Gary can and does see snow at times, and without a specific weather forecast, there just is no way to know which routes will be seeing bad weather during the time of your trip.

    What I can tell you is that the best bet is usually to take the shortest route, which means going up to I-40/I-44/I-55 through OK City and St. Louis. This is about 1700 miles, which means you need a minimum of 3 days - and a 4th will be needed if you hit any sort of weather delays.

    Pretty much any other interstate route is going to add about 200+ miles, which means you'd be a minimum of a 4 day trip, and you'd still have the possibility of weather delays. That includes taking I-10 which can see snow and ice from Eastern Arizona all the way into Texas, and you'd still have a snow/ice risk as you head north.

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    Default Too early to say.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I'm sorry to say that no one will be able to predict a route that will see little snow this far in advance. As the weather is so unpredictable all you can do is get up to date info prior to leaving and decide from there.

    You say he is "driving to Indiana on January 1st", hopefully he realises this is an absolute minimum of a 3 day drive with no weather disruptions, and four days would make for a more relaxed approach with a little time in hand to deal with any delays.

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