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  1. Default Driving a trailer fron Indiana to Seattle

    Any advice! I am driving a 20' trailer from Indiana to Seattle and would like some advice on the best route and would like to avoid as many steep grades as possible. It seems like I90 has some pretty steep grades. Does it make sense to stay south and come up through Portland?
    Thank you for any help!

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    No, there are going to be up to 6% grades no matter which way you go. Just take the fastest route, which is I-90 into Wisconsin, then I-94 through MSP and back to I-90.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There is no way you can go far enough south to avoid mountains - even if you went all the way down to southern Arizona - you'd still be facing mountains along I-5 in California and Oregon. All interstates are built to standards that are made for long haul truckers - thus they are about as easy as you can find for going up and down mountains. You could take I-80 across to Utah and then cut north, but I really don't think that would provide any significant advantage over I-90.

    I actually would be more concerned about cities, traffic, and as such, so I'd take I-74 to the Quad Cities, I-80 across Iowa, then I-29 to Sioux Falls where you would pick up I-90. That adds about 40 miles vs. taking I-94, but it would let you completely avoid both Chicago and Minneapolis and should be easier and could quite easily be faster. (I am assuming that by Indiana, you mean Indianapolis, if you're starting farther north, you probably can't avoid Chicagoland completely, but I'd still stick to I-80 to at least reduce your city driving.)

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    Default I'm with MM........... that cities are to be avoided, as there's no avoiding mountains.

    I-90 across MT and ID is very scenic and has exactly 3 mountain passes: Bozeman, Homestake (Butte area), and Lookout (at the ID border). In each case, the passes involve but a few miles of upgrade and downhill. The great majority of I-90 in MT follows relatively flat river bottoms.


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