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  1. Default Roadtrip from Seattle to Lake Tahoe in the week of Christmas


    We plan to drive down to Lake Tahoe for ski from Seattle in the week of Christmas (leaving on 12/19 early morning and drive 1 full day to Tahoe). It looks like the shortest way is to take I-5 to Eugene and change to SR-58 and US-97, but someone suggested to take I-5 to Sacramento and US-50 as it actually take less time.
    Since it is Winter time and we need to pass mountain road, we are worried about the driving time and road condition due to snow.

    Any kind of experiences and advice would be much appreciated!

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    I'm sorry, but Seattle to Lake Tahoe is 850 miles and should NOT be attempted in one day. This would be about a 16 hour drive by the time you get done with necessary stops, more if you have weather delays. Please make this a 2 day trip. You may also need tire chains, don't make the trip if you don't have them.

    But yes, I-5 to Sacramento and I-80 or US-50 (depending on where in the area you are going) is the fastest.

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