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    We're set to leave for Tahoe on March 27th-two driving days to get there, five nights in Tahoe, then two days to return. Any ideas where to stay on the trip south? Any interesting side trips? Plus, while we enjoy gambling, anything else that is a must do in Tahoe? Thanks for your input.

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    At first blush, your trip makes a lot of sense: terrific scenery, enough time allotted to make the drive(s), and a desire to do more with the drive than just stare out the window for hours on end. If I were making that trip, I'd plan on taking a more 'back road' route down when I was well rested and under no serious time constraints. Say, something like I-90 to Ellensburg, US-97 south through Bend and along Upper Klamath Lake to Klamath Falls, OR-39/CA-139 past Lava Beds National Monument and through Modoc National Forest and finally US-395 to the lake Tahoe area. Halfway would be about Klamath Falls, but if you arrive in the area early enough, well before sunset, you can take the time to drive around Crater Lake.

    For the return, you might want something more efficient like just heading west to Sacramento on either US-50 or I-80 and then taking I-5 north. Halfway would be around Medford and if you're running ahead of schedule on the first day you can detour via CA-36/CA-89 through Lassen Volcanic National Park. With extra time on the second day at drive up the Historic Columbia River Highway and some short hikes to a few of its many amazing waterfalls might be in order.

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    For reference, my mapping program says the fastest way from Seattle to Lake Tahoe is I-5 to Sacramento, then either I-80 or US-50 depending on exactly where you are going. The route Buck suggested is actually shorter from a mileage standpoint, but will take longer. It would be 2 pretty full days.

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    Thank you for the advice. It is going to be a fairly long drive, but we don't really have a time schedule other than getting to Tahoe after the two days. I like the idea of a touristy trip down and a more direct trip back.

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    Sounds like a fun trip.My family and I are from Tacoma wa and are leaving same day as you but we are going to reno heading down I-5 then through Klamoth falls through a Modoc nf then to Reno should be a scenic trip maybe see ya on the rode.Have a safe trip.:)

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    You have a fun trip also. I heard it was supposed to snow in Tahoe today so we'd better get out the winter clothes. We're not sure where we're going to spend the first night, just go where the road takes us until we are tired. That's our favorite way to travel. We have the app yelp on the phone which tells us places to stop and restaurant reviews.

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